Covent Garden porters baskets

Covent Garden porters baskets

Code: 10360


H: 24cm (9.4")W: 47cm (18.5")


A collection of porters baskets known as 'Seives' from London's Covent Garden Market and dating from the second quarter of the 20th century. 

With their unique designed domed bases, they were used to carry fruits and vegetables in stacks on the workers heads. 
Individual firms would have their own logo or distinctive colours. These are in a lovely worn red with white stripe, and have roped rims for added strength.

These were working items, and as such have areas of wear as you would expect, but they're still sturdy and would make very unique storage baskets. There are also small areas of woodworm in parts, however this is old but has been thoroughly treated again anyway for peace of mind.


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